Midnight 2012, an AUTHOR was born.

About The Author

A qualified Engineer and MBA, Vasant has taken big strides in the field of creative writing since the launch of his first commercially published book in 2016.

The first book, ‘IT’S OKAY TO FAIL, MY SON’, got overwhelming response from the reader’s community, so much so that, the book achieved a status of National Best Seller within first six months of its release. The book featured among top 5 selling books on Flipkart in a survey conducted by The Economic Times and Flipkart, in three metro cities of India, namely Bengaluru, Delhi and Mumbai. (Source – ET article dated – 10th April 2016)

The book’s popularity has inspired a film production house to make a Hindi Feature Film based on its story.

Vasant has co-authored a book – ‘Fit at Thirty+’. In 2018, Vasant has also written a Short Film – JUSTICE, which has won 3 awards at Goa Asian Short Film Festival, Goa, in April 2018 and 2 awards at prestigious Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival 2018, New Delhi, in June.

Vasant has spent 32 years working in leading Indian and International organisations. His last assignment was with Tata Group Company, Viom Networks as Senior Vice President.

Vasant is a fitness enthusiast and holds ‘Black Belt’ in martial arts. Vasant also has deep interest in psychology and world renowned ‘Mind Toughness’ techniques.

He is supported by his family consisting of his mother, wife Reeta (doctor of naturopathy) and son Viraj (student of Architecture).

The Beginning

Out of concern, immense love and sensitivity of a father towards the wellbeing of his only son evolved the idea of writing something which could help him in managing stress of exams as well as prepare him for the bigger battle, called life!

Like every other father in the world, I too wanted my son to do well in his academics and carve out a successful career for himself. But, I was shaken from core to see his condition during the exam times. Late night studies were okay, but sour eyes, tensed face and nervous body language was never okay, but I experienced all these on one such night before his exams. The sight of his plight shook me from within. That emotion sowed the seeds of my first book – IT’S OKAY TO FAIL, MY SON.

The book which reflected emotions of every loving parent towards their wards received overwhelming response from the readers of all age groups; students, parents, teachers and everyone who aspired to walk on the path of excellence!

First success with effectively expressing emotions inspired me so much that, I gave up plush job and offered myself to creative expressions through writing, acting and producing the films. Now, I am ready with my new book titled – CHIRANJIVI, which is ready for print.

I live in Mumbai with my mother, wife and a young son. I am qualified Engineering graduate with post graduate diploma in Marketing Management. I have spent 32 years in corporate having worked with leading Indian and multinational companies.