Justice - A Short Film

Directed by Mushahid Hussain Pasha

About the Film

Concept and Story - VASANT KALLOLA


‘JUSTICE’ is the story of a world renowned doctor, Dr. Jhaveri. He was a research specialist and had many inventions to his credit which had helped development of treatments for several diseases in the past.

Having lost his beloved wife, Surabhi, in a dreaded lung cancer Ultra Small Cell Lung Cancer (USCLC), he focused his research for past 10 years on finding a cure for USCLC, but to no avail. The disease has been killing lakhs of patients every year, due to the lack of a cure for the same. Personal loss as well as suffering of the patients has been paining the doctor, but he has no option but to keep on trying for the workable cure.

One day, when Dr. Jhaveri was seated in his clinic, when someone walked in. He was suffering from USCLC and was in the last stage. Initially doctor refuses to treat Rohit, as he did not have proven methodology for curing Rohit. But, Rohit insists so he gives a treatment to him and Rohit is cured.

Everyone, Rohit, his wife Revati and doctor Jhaveri are all very happy, but one night Rohit gets killed at the hands of doctor Jhaveri!!!

JUSTICE is an interesting watch for viewers to witness a powerful story and performances. It keeps the viewer intrigue with questions:

  • Why did the doctor who treated Rohit have to kill him?
  • Should doctor be held responsible for the murder, as charged by police, and punished?
  • But, there are 30 Lakh patients suffering from similar disease, whose only hope is doctor Jhaveri. What will happen to them if doctor is convicted?

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Date of Release : April 2018

  • Won 3 awards at Goa Asian Short Film Festival held at Goa in April 2018.
  • Won 2 awards at Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival 2018 held at New Delhi in June.